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Aktsiaselts Tallinna Linnatransport (TLT) is a company with a distinguished past and a strong future, where commitment to one’s profession is valued and every employee is given the opportunity to develop their professional skills. We are interested in employees who share our values and are ready to contribute to the development of modern, safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly public transport. We treasure those who are passionate about their job and begin each day with the desire to do their very best. TLT’s excellent reputation starts with our people, their professional skills and commitment. We employ more than 2,000 people, who are all dedicated to achieving our common goals. If you would like to join our team, contact us now! TLT is the perfect place to take up an internship. There are few companies in Estonia with such a large number of employees, yet such a well-developed structure and clear management plan. Our experts in various fields possess knowledge not contained in textbooks, but gleaned from life itself. We are ready to accept interns for a number of functions and departments, including IT, human resources, law, administration, and many more. We are always happy to work with aspiring and ambitious youth, to help them complete their internship successfully, and, if possible, to continue the partnership as nothing less than colleagues. If you are interested in doing an internship with us, feel free to contact us to find out what opportunities are currently available.

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Our company’s greatest asset is our people

The greatest asset of Aktsiaselts Tallinna Linnatransport is our people, each of whom are specialists in their field, diligent, and committed to their goal. What we value most in our employees is creativity, discipline, the ability to find the best solutions to problems, and the desire to maintain the company’s reputation. We appreciate the contributions of everyone, and we note the progress they make, whether it is great or small. TLT supports lifelong learning by providing opportunities for further training. We help our people update their skills and acquire new ones. TLT is a family-friendly company that supports exercise. The positive employment relationships we create have led to significant interest from job-seekers in working for us. TLT offers wonderful working conditions, a good organisational climate, and a supportive and co-operative team. These values are foundational for a company’s reputation, which is often more important than the pay rate. If you are open-minded, hardworking, and want to contribute to the development of public transport in Estonia’s capital city, our enterprising family is waiting for you.

What we offer to employees and how we motivate them

TLT values its employees, offers career and development opportunities, supports an active lifestyle, and remembers personal and work anniversaries. The more satisfied and motivated the staff, the more successful the company is in achieving its goals. We are a united family. At TLT, each employee is given a suitable working environment with all the necessary tools. We guarantee the preservation of your salary and job even in difficult times. We also offer 35 days of holiday a year. We safeguard the health of our employees by referring them to regular health check-ups. Our fitness centre organises fantastic sports events. Employees can access swimming facilities free of charge and the gym at a discount. Every year we have fun at the company’s Christmas party. And parents get a day off on their child’s first day of school.

We value experience and youth equally

Tallinna Linnatransport is committed to maintaining the reputation of an innovative, environmentally friendly, inclusive, and modern transport company that follows the best industry practices. To achieve this, we need the best of the best on our team. We value both youthful zeal and experience gained from an extended career. At TLT, every employee has a role to play, and whenever a link is missing, it is immediately evident. In recent years especially, a large number of young people have joined our ranks, bringing with them a clear vision of how the development of public transport should proceed. But we also employ a good number of people who have dedicated decades of their working lives to improving public transport in Tallinn. This combined effort of experience and youthful zeal has enabled us to develop a bold, forward-looking development strategy, which envisages, in the near term, a transition to natural gas-powered buses and, by 2035, the complete transition of Tallinn’s public transport system to electric vehicles. Get involved in these exciting developments by joining our family! We will never turn away anyone who is an honest and knowledgeable professional.