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infoline (including found items) 08:00 –21:00 +372 643 4142
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Departure times of Tallinna Linnatransport vehicles, ticket information, lost and found items, and feedback – open every day: 8:00–21:00 +372 643 4142


Tallinna Linnatransport Kadaka tee 62a 12618 Tallinn

+372 643 4000 Formal appeals, inquiries, reminders and requests for information, please send to TLT’s general e-mail address.


Tallinna Linnatransport Kadaka tee 62a 12618 Tallinn

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Kaido Padar

Member of Management Board

Andrei Novikov

Member of Management Board

Olga Polienko

Communications Manager

Merle Plaado

Internal Auditor
Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts

Tarmo Lai

Head of Internal Control Department

Irene Metsis

Head of the Personnel and Training Department

Tanel Part

Head of IT Department

Mailis Kullerkupp

General Lawyer

Pille Koiduste

Head of Finance Department / Chief Financial Officer

Tiina Tamm

Chief Accountant

Merilii Laanepere

Head of the Economic Department

Ulvar Niitsoo

Head of the 1. VKO

Ervin Ostrat

Head of the 2. VKO

Andres Koldre

Head of the 3. VKO

Andrus Baida

Head of the Special Transport Department

Hans Leissoo

Head of Traffic Management Department

Kaspar Krutškov

Head of the Bus Service

Kai Erlenhein

Head of Public Transport Planning Department

Heigo Kõrge

Head of the Traffic Supervision Department

Meelis Telliskivi

Director of the tram service

Andres Arukivi

Head of the Electric Transport development Department

Villu Ilves

Head of Electric Transport Infrastructure Department

Alexander Martynenko

Head of Electric Transport Services Department

Alan Pikk

Head of Repair and Maintenance Department

Aleksander Kapponen

Deputy Head of the Department of Electric Transport Services, Head of the Trolley Services Unit

Ivar Kelder

Head of the Emergency and Body Repair Department

Maksim Reinberg

Head of Warranty Repair Department

Jaana Parker

Head of Warehouses Department

Ivo Parbus

Project Manager

Mark Kitajev

Project Manager