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Taking each other into account ensures safety in traffic

It is probably no surprise to anyone that when autumn arrives, traffic in the capital …
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Tram traffic in Tallinn is developing

In the history of the Tallinn tram, which celebrated its 134th anniversary in August, there …
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TLT: The winner of the tram procurement, Polish company PESA will supply up to 23 new trams to Tallinn

A total of three tenderers participated in the international procurement of new trams – the …
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TLT: The increase in the service capacity of the public transport vehicle has led to the need for additional manpower

Today, TLT employs 1,400 drivers, but the growth in volumes and the desire to ensure …
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Driving courses

Category D driver training

In 2023:
January 10 – March 15
March 9 – May 25
May 16 – July 10
05 September – 15 November
09 November – 10 January 2024


Bus driver refresher training

In 2023:
January 23 – January 26 (in Russian)
February 20 – February 23 (in Russian)
March 20 – March 23 (in Russian)
April 17 – April 20 (in Russian)
May 22 – May 25 (in Russian)
June 19 – June 22 (in Estonian)


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We value our employees, and we note every bit of progress they make, whether it is great or small. We support lifelong learning and self-improvement by providing professional training so that our employees can keep improving themselves. We have modern working conditions and wonderful opportunities for both rest and exercise. Our organisational climate and internal communication are based on mutual understanding and respect. TLT’s excellent reputation starts with our employees, their professional skills and commitment. We employ more than 2,000 people, who are all dedicated to achieving our goals. If you would like to join our team, contact us now!

About us

Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts (TLT) is a public transport company owned by the City of Tallinn. TLT was formed on 18 July 2012 as a result of the merger of two longstanding passenger transport companies – the Tallinn Bus Company (Tallinna Autobussikoondise AS) and the Tallinn Tram and Trolleybus Company (Tallinna Trammi- ja Trollibussikoondise AS) – as a provider of public transport services. TLT is primarily engaged in providing bus, trolleybus, and tram services on routes within the integrated ticketing system of Tallinn.