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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the timetables of TLT public transport vehicles?

    Timetables of TLT buses, trams, and trolleys can be found on the TLT website in the subsection “Info” and on the website of the city of Tallinn
  • Where to turn if I have forgotten my things in a public transport vehicle?

    Items left in a public transport vehicle can be reported on the TLT website by clicking on the Lost/Found button. Information on lost and found items is also given on the phone at +372 643 4142, which answers between 08:00 and 20:00.
  • How to behave and whom to turn to if a passenger falls or is injured in public transport?

    If a passenger falls or is injured in public transport, contact the driver of the vehicle immediately; the driver’s duty is to stop, call the ambulance and the police, and wait for their arrival. In the event that it is not possible to do this due to some circumstances, the driver must immediately inform AS Tallinna Linnatransport about the incident through the information phone, and the message will be forwarded to the relevant services.
  • Do I have to press the STOP button if I want to exit?

    Pressing the STOP button is optional but recommended for safe and smooth traffic.
  • Do TLT public transport vehicles have WIFI?

    The WIFI connection can be used in the new CAF trams.
  • Where can I give feedback about the quality of the service?

    We welcome feedback on the TLT website, where under the Feedback button, you can find the opportunity to send praise, complaints, hints, and suggestions.

    Verbal feedback can also be given to the TLT helpline at 6434142
  • Can I take a bicycle, scooter, or skis on public transport?

    The passenger can take skis and other sports equipment and scooters into the public transport vehicle if they are packed correctly and do not damage the passengers and the interior of the vehicle. It is not allowed to transport bicycles, hoverboards, or other mobility aids with an auxiliary motor in the public transport vehicle.
  • Can I travel in public transport vehicle with a dog?

    It is allowed to take a dog into a public transport vehicle on a short leash and muzzled. The passenger is responsible for ensuring that the dog does not disturb other passengers or cause damage in any other way. A guide dog or service dog is allowed in a public vehicle without restrictions.
  • Can I enter the bus with a coffee cup or other open drinks?

    For the sake of the cleanliness of the passengers and the cabin of the public transport vehicle, it is not allowed to take open drinks into the public transport vehicle, including cups closed with a lid but with a straw or drinking hole.
  • What are the restrictions on items that can be taken by public transport?

    Section 72(3) of the Public Transport Act states that it is not permitted to carry in the passenger compartment or baggage compartment of a bus, coach, trolleybus, or tram any prohibited baggage that could harm the health or property of other persons traveling in the public transport vehicle or smear or otherwise harm the public transport vehicle. Prohibited baggage means, above all, radioactive, explosive, poisonous, corrosive, inflammable, odoriferous, or smearing substances, as well as substances and things without the required packaging.
  • What is the maximum volume and weight of hand luggage?

    The passenger has the right to carry hand luggage in the passenger compartment of a shared vehicle, the sum of dimensions (height + width + depth) of which does not exceed 150 cm and the total weight does not exceed 30 kg, as well as mobility aids, guide or assistance dogs for disabled persons, prams and strollers and small animals and birds with a suitable cage, box, muzzle or leash.
  • Why are passengers asked to get off the public transport vehicle at the final stop?

    The public transport vehicle driver has the right to ask passengers to get off at the final stop because the driver has scheduled rest breaks, and the public transport vehicle may not continue on the same route.
  • Why do I have to register my riding right in the validator when I ride for free on public transport?

    The travel information of passengers with free travel rights is necessary for better planning of public transport lines and schedules.
  • Can people with disabilities also use public transport in Tallinn?

    Most TLT public transport vehicles have a low entrance, which also allows people with disabilities to use public transport.
  • Who should I contact if I want to get information about social transport timetables?

    The information can be obtained by calling the special transport department of TLT at 5651133, which answers on weekdays from 08:00 to 16:30, or from the email address In addition, the travel information is visible in the self-service of the social transport service information system of the city of Tallinn:
  • Where should I turn to if I want to order a social transport bus for transporting a person with a disability registered in the city of Tallinn?

    To order a social transport service, you must first contact the social department of your district administration or submit an application in the self-service of the social transport service information system:
  • Is social transport free for Tallinn residents, or do they have to pay for it?

    Regular services are free in Tallinn.  In Tallinn, occasional services are free for 12 rides per year, four partially paid rides per month (2 euros/ride), and unlimited paid rides per calendar year (31 euros/hour). You can get more detailed information about whether and why your ride is paid from your social worker at the social department of the district administration. If I do not have the right to receive social transport from the city of Tallinn or I am not a resident of Tallinn, can I order transport for a loved one in a wheelchair? To order a bus and get more detailed information, please contact TLT special transport department by phone at 5651133, weekdays 08:00 – 16:30, or email