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TLT: The winner of the tram procurement, Polish company PESA will supply up to 23 new trams to Tallinn

A total of three tenderers participated in the international procurement of new trams – the tender of the Polish tram and train manufacturer PESA was declared to be the successful tenderer. As a result of the procurement contract, PESA will have to deliver a total of up to 23 new trams to Tallinn, with the first trams expected to reach the capital in the second half of 2024.

Andrei Novikov, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, said that this is a historic decision that will help make public transport in the capital even greener and reassure the public that the city is actively contributing to the opening of new tram lines. “Recently, there have been several plans for the future related to trams, and based on these, we must also be ready to serve new tram lines. With the arrival of new trams, we will be able to serve more passengers both at today’s capacity and when new tram lines, such as the Old Port line, are completed. Our desire is to provide the best public transport service in the capital; for that purpose, new trams are needed to make public transport even more convenient, faster, and more environmentally friendly for passengers, which is especially important in the context of Tallinn as Europe’s green capital, “said Andrei Novikov, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, adding that the total cost of the procurement contract is approximately 50 million euros.

According to Deniss Boroditš, Chairman of the Board of TLT, it is gratifying that the tram procurement, which has lasted for almost three years, has reached a successful result, and in a few years, the long-awaited trams will reach the route.

“PESA is a large Polish company that produces both trams and trains and has strong and long-term experience. The tram model offered in the tender is the PESA Twist, i.e., these trams are 28.6 meters long and have 5 door openings. They have 65 seats and can accommodate a total of 300 passengers. The passenger compartment of the new trams is largely low-floor to ensure the safe and comfortable use of trams for people with different needs. Of course, the new trams will also run on 100% green electricity, as all trams and trolleys in Tallinn are already running today,” the Chairman of the Board added.

Boroditš added that the new trams will complement the Tallinna Linnatransport tram fleet, which today includes 64 trams. The purpose of procuring additional trams is to further improve the quality of the capital’s public transport service, increase the vehicle fleet and thereby expand the scope of the tram service.

“Although new tram lines could, in principle, be opened with the existing vehicle fleet, the new trams will ensure sustainability and improve the opportunities for light rail transport in the capital. In previous years, 20 new trams have been procured in Tallinn, and KT4 and KT6 trams have been renovated or rebuilt,” said Boroditš.

The procurement contract will be signed in May, and the first PESA trams are expected to arrive in Tallinn in the second half of 2024.