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All tram lines to resume operating in Tallinn

Starting from Sunday, 1 October, all tram lines will resume regular operations in Tallinn. In addition to the traditional Kadriorg-Tondi, Lasnamäe-Tondi, Kadriorg-Kopli and Lasnamäe-Kopli routes, line number 6 will also continue its service on the Kopli-Tondi route. This route was established during the construction of the Vanasadama tramway to substitute the temporarily suspended Kadriorg and Lasnamäe direction routes.

According to Member of the Management Board at Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS (TLT) Kaivo Padar, the upcoming Sunday has been eagerly anticipated by Tallinn’s public transport users who have grown accustomed to the efficient public transportation system, as well as by TLT drivers. “For our residents, the complete reopening of tram traffic signifies that one of the most challenging periods for Tallinn’s public transport is finally coming to an end,” said Padar. “Moving forward, instead of how to get by in cases of challenging traffic conditions and congestion, we can focus on exploring opportunities to enhance the quality and accessibility of the transportation services we offer.”

The year 2023 has presented exceptional challenges for companies providing public transportation services in Tallinn. Due to the closure of tram lines and streets for the Vanasadama tramway construction, public transport companies have had to reroute both tram and bus traffic multiple times. While doing so, the emphasis has always been on consistently meeting the daily transportation needs of Tallinn residents. At the same time, TLT has transformed from a traditional transportation company focused on passenger transport to a modern umbrella organisation that integrates various forms of public transportation. The company’s ability to deliver a transportation service valued by the city’s residents, despite numerous challenges, demonstrates the effectiveness of the restructuring efforts.

Kaido Padar has confirmed that the entire TLT electric transportation department is prepared to fully resume operations on 1 October. “We have used the period of tram line closure for reorganising our equipment,” he added. “We conducted a tramway audit covering the entire 42-kilometre stretch of tracks. As a result, we assessed the condition of the tram tracks and performed maintenance work at the most critical locations to ensure its full reopening to tram traffic. Furthermore, in the summer, when tram traffic saw lower demand, all our tram drivers were granted vacations and offered various training opportunities. This ensures that our workforce is now ready to resume their tasks with renewed energy.”

The over 500 public transport vehicles owned by Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS covered a total distance of 36 million kilometres in the past year, serving over 100 million passengers. The complete reopening of tram lines, the introduction of the Vanasadama tram route and the efforts to make public transportation more comfortable and sustainable through the introduction of new trams and environmentally friendly buses establish the foundation for a continued increase in the number of public transport users in Tallinn in the coming years.