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Cheerful Christmas vehicles will return to Tallinn

TLT will continue with the long-standing tradition of bringing Christmas vehicles to public transportation routes on 24 and 25 December. This year’s vehicles will provide a diverse experience, both visually and audibly.

The Christmas bus, trolleybus and tram will be adorned with handmade decorations, mostly crafted from recyclable materials. With these decorations, we aim to emphasise the importance of nature conservation.

Each Christmas vehicle is decorated with a distinct theme, and some decorations you can even smell. The theme for the bus is a gift bag, the theme of the trolleybus is Christmas scents and the tram has a winter solstice theme. We believe that many passengers will find inspiration from the vehicles for making their own decorations at home.

Additionally, this year, a cheerful mood will be brought to passengers through the radio by Star FM’s 100% Christmas music.

“Christmas is a time for good deeds, joy and spending time with the whole family,” said TLT Board member Kaido Padar. “That is why we aim to bring more joy into our clients’ experience during this special time by introducing Christmas vehicles on the transport lines throughout the holidays. Santa Clauses will greet passengers on the Christmas bus, Christmas tram and Christmas trolleybus. They will listen to the poems and Christmas wishes of the passengers and distribute sweets.”

Over 1000 people are working to ensure smooth service on Tallinn public transport during Christmas. “Our exceptional drivers, assistants, car wash workers and others work hard to ensure that Tallinn’s residents and visitors to the capital can comfortably and safely reach their destinations even during the holidays,” he added. “I implore everyone to be even more kind towards fellow residents during the Christmas time. Leave your cars at home during the holidays and use public transport, as it is designed to save time and money for the people.”

The Christmas vehicles follow unique routes, allowing residents in various city districts to take part. Riding the Christmas vehicles is free for everyone. You can find the exact routes on here.