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Competition for the best bus design

Public Limited Company Tallinna Linnatransport announces a competition for the best exterior design for school buses.
In October of this year, three specially ordered Scania – Irizar i4 buses will start driving schoolchildren in Tallinn. In order to obtain an original appearance of the buses, we want everyone interested to be able to offer their solution.

Terms of reference
The aim of the competition is to obtain the exterior design for the Scania – Irizar i4 buses, the drawings of which are available here and here
The design must take into account that the buses are intended for transporting students as well as for other charter trips in their free time from servicing school lines, and their external design must be suitable for both tasks.

Evaluation of works
The works will be evaluated by a commission, which, in addition to TLT representatives, also includes members of the city government, Union of Graphic Designers and Union of Student Representatives council. The assessment will be based on originality and suitability for the given bus type. 
Participation in the competition is also a confirmation that TLT has the right to use the winning work in the design of school buses without additional conditions.

Deadline for submission of works
We expect the electronically performed works to be submitted no later than August 22, 2021, to the address 
Add the keyword School bus and the contact details of the contractor as a separate attachment to the works.

The results will be published on September 1, 2021.

1st place will receive a cash prize of 1,500 euros. 
2nd place 1000 euros.
3rd place 500 euros.