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Difficult weather conditions make it difficult for public transport to stay on schedule

Continued snowfall, possible blizzards and wind could make traffic conditions exceptionally bad. Visibility on the roads may deteriorate, so traffic in Tallinn may be difficult. Public transport drives carefully according to traffic conditions and may deviate from the usual schedule, especially during peak hours.

The joint-stock company Tallinna Linnatransport asks all traffic participants to be attentive, take time and be patient when moving around the capital. Snowy road conditions and slippery roads may increase the normal driving time.

According to the weather report, traffic conditions are predicted to be more difficult than usual for the next few days, which is why public vehicles may deviate from the schedule and be late considering the traffic conditions.

TLT asks passengers to be understanding.

Operational information about changes to public transport traffic can be found on the Tallinn timetables page