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High-floor buses will be history in Tallinn

On June 11, the last two high-floor buses, Volvo B12MA, can be seen in Tallinn public transport. As of tomorrow, these vehicles will be history, and only low-floor comfortable buses will serve residents of Tallinn. This will be possible due to the renewal of the bus rolling stock launched by Aktsiaselts Tallinna Linnatransport, as a result of which the majority of buses serving city dwellers will be replaced by new gas and diesel buses, only the latest Euro5 and Euro6 compliant buses will continue to run. Modern low-floor buses also make it easier for people with reduced mobility and elderly people to use public transport.

The first regular bus line was opened in Tallinn on May 22, 1922. The development of public transport that has taken place for almost one hundred years has brought us to the present day, where safety and passenger comfort, as well as the ability of buses to meet the demands of people with special needs, are at the forefront.

The first low-floor bus, the Scania Hess, built at the Tartu factory, started running in Tallinn on November 10, 1998. From that day began the replacement of high-floor buses with low-floor buses. On June 11, 2021, this process reached its logical conclusion.