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New tram line number 5 to enter service on 1 November

On 1 November, a new tram line, number 5, will be introduced in Tallinn. It will operate along a route between Kopli and Vana-Lõuna. The same tram line was in operation between 2000-2004. Temporary line number 6, which was established to substitute lines that were not operational due to construction works, will make its final trip on 31 October.

According to Kaido Padar, Member of the Management Board at Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts (TLT), the main reason for reinstating a line towards Vana-Lõuna was the popularity of temporary line number 6 among city residents. Public transport users who had become used to this route can now continue travelling from Kopli to Tondi without needing to transfer. “Some might then ask why we didn’t just keep line number 6 in operation,” said Padar. “The answer is simple – the Tondi end station hasn’t been planned and constructed to maintain three lines, so keeping lines number 1, 3 and 6 running at the same time puts too much extra pressure on all of them. There wasn’t enough space in Tondi to expand the tram stop area, so we had to decide to use the turnaround point for trams in Vana-Lõuna, which was constructed as an end stop to meet our needs.” Padar added that the reinstatement of line number 5 is also supported by the significant number of construction projects in the Vana-Lõuna area, resulting in many new apartment buildings and job opportunities, all of which require a reliable public transportation connection. This can be provided by line number 5. “In addition to the previously mentioned reasons, the new tram line improves travel for students of the Tallinn Co-education Gymnasium, as the end stop is located near the school building. This means that when entering or exiting the tram, children won’t have to cross the street anymore,” Padar added.

After synchronising the tram schedules, Tallinn will continue to operate with five working tram lines that complement each other, creating a reliable and user-friendly rail transport network with frequent and dependable departures between Kopli, Lasnamäe, Kadriorg, Tondi and Vana-Lõuna.

Around 20 million passengers use the TLT trams every year.