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Scania Eesti AS won the procurement for new school buses in Tallinn

Aktsiaselts Tallinna Linnatransport (TLT) entered into a procurement agreement with Scania Eesti AS for the purchase of three new and modern school buses, which will take students of the capital to school on a daily basis and can also be used by educational institutions to take students to camps or excursions.

Andrei Novikov, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AS Tallinna Linnatransport, noted that the city would like to improve the quality of the school bus service and ensure a comfortable ride to school for passengers, i.e., students. “If previously schools of the capital commissioned city buses for transport, now we decided to procure new and modern buses in cooperation with TLT. Hopefully, with the arrival of new buses, students’ interest in using school buses will also increase,” said Novikov. “During normal school hours, in the capital, the school bus runs daily on three routes: Viimsi Center – Baltic Station, Tammneeme – Baltic Station, and Tiskre-Baltic Station, which provides a convenient and fast connection to the city center, where many students go to school or hobby group. In addition, schools can also order buses to take students to camps or go on excursions.”

“In public transport, there are special requirements for school buses and student transport, and the procurement of school buses built on them was won by Scania Eesti AS, whose tender met the conditions of the procurement.  Scania Eesti AS manufactures two 55-seat buses and one 63-seat bus with all amenities for TLT, which meet all safety requirements and provide mobility for wheelchair users,” explained Deniss Boroditš, Chairman of the Board of TLT.

TLT made the procurement conditional on the buses being environmentally friendly and running on CNG gas. “As Tallinn’s public transport is shifting to environmentally friendly sources, we also adhered to these goals in the procurement of school buses,” said Boroditš.

He added that all three buses to be procured have appropriate safety equipment for transporting students, space for luggage, as well as wheelchair spaces, and a wheelchair lift to ensure the ability to transport passengers with special needs.

The goals set for the school bus project are also supported by the technical solutions of the rolling stock and body. “The economic engine combined with 12-speed transmission helps to maximize environmental savings. In this way, the bus is able to move both on the highway and in the city with sufficient dynamics and in the most economical engine speed range. Smooth driving thanks to a well-functioning steering wheel, engine, and transmission makes the driver’s work easy and ensures a pleasant riding experience for passengers. The attractive appearance and interior of the Scania Irizar i4 will definitely attract attention and contribute to the popularization of the project and the growth of the passenger base,” said Ragnar Jürgens, Product and Sales Manager for Scania Baltics buses.

The total cost of the procurement of new school buses is 851,000 euros, plus VAT, and it is planned for the new buses to enter city traffic in the second half of October this year.

School buses are intended for primary, basic, and upper secondary school students in Tallinn and the use of the school bus is free of charge for students. When entering the school bus, the student must show the driver his/her student card. The school bus is safe because no passengers other than students are allowed entry.