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Dozens of lost items are found on public transport every day. Over the past year, 3,138 forgotten items have been found in buses, trams, and trolleys. Of these, we have returned 791 items to their owners. Most often, passengers lose or forget scarves, hats, gloves, glasses, plastic bags, as well as documents and other valuable items in public transport vehicles.

According to Hannes Falten, the service director of TLT, passengers have left their belongings in the cabins of buses, trolleybuses, and trams 669 times since the beginning of the year. Among the most common finds are various bags, children’s rucksacks, hats, and gloves, as well as more valuable items such as mobile phones, wallets, and even musical instruments. “Considering that more than 100 million passengers use public transport every year, it is not surprising that various items are forgotten in public transport. For example, there are currently 458 items waiting for their owner in our lost and found corner. While most of the items are what can be expected, depending on the season – such as different items of clothing or mobile phones, tablets, and documents, there has been a surprising find that is being stored – it is the tip of an old and seasoned pickaxe,” said Falten, adding that also, for example, a double bass, a bass guitar, a violin, a guitar amplifier, as well as a sleep apnea device, a pirate costume, and a small closet have been found in a public transportation vehicle.

According to the service director of TLT, at the end of the working day, public transport drivers check the seats and the floor of the vehicle, pick up the found items and hand them over to the dispatchers, who in turn register the lost items. “Unfortunately, many passengers, having lost something, immediately say goodbye to their possessions; they should not do that. About 25% of things quickly find their way back to the owner, 17% are handed over to the police,” explains Hannes Falten, adding that if you forget a personal item on a bus, tram, or trolleybus, don’t despair, because, with the help of kind passengers and drivers, you can get back your gloves, your umbrella or even your wallet with documents. “There are more conscientious and honest citizens than we think. So, if you’ve found or lost something, be sure to contact TLT, and we’ll do our best to help you. To a large extent, the happy return home of a lost item depends on the owner. Small things like gloves, hats, and scarves are often left without an owner because people don’t bother to look for them,” said Hannes Falten.

TLT reminds passengers that if they think that they have left a lost item in a public transport vehicle, they should immediately contact customer service by calling 6434142. “Our customer service should be given as accurate information as possible about the lost item and indicate the departure date, time, and direction of travel. In addition, the appearance of the lost thing should be described as accurately as possible,” advises Falten, adding that every person could at least write a phone number on their valuable things – that way, if necessary, it is easier to find its owner.