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Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS, RB Rail AS, and Rail Baltic Estonia OÜ entered into a cooperation agreement

Today, Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS, RB Rail AS, and Rail Baltic Estonia OÜ signed a cooperation agreement, the aim of which is to share knowledge primarily in the preparation of public procurement, but also to cooperate in the field of spatial development, organization, and logistics of urban transport.

“From the point of view of achieving the common goals of Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS and Rail Baltica, it is necessary to share the existing competencies as well as to jointly develop future transport opportunities. Environmentally friendly and smooth transport must take into account the suitability of the infrastructure and the possible needs of all public transport users,” said Deniss Boroditš, Chairman of the Board of TLT. He added that if substantive cooperation and competencies are already shared in the project planning phase, the result of the projects will be more efficient and will be able to meet the expectations of all parties, which is why the cooperation agreement is important today.

“Rail Baltica is the largest infrastructure project across the three Baltic States and in the region in the last 100 years. This means that we can pass on to TLT the best experience we have gained, for example, in procurement, but also in the field of construction, planning, and digitization,” said Aivar Jaeski, Director of the Estonian branch of RB Rail AS.

The benefits of the cooperation agreement are, in any case, mutual, as Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS is a cooperation partner of the company that establishes and manages Rail Baltica in the construction of the Ülemiste terminal and connecting Tallinn Airport to the entire city’s transport hub.

“Within the framework of the Rail Baltica project, a tramway extension project has been completed in Tallinn, which connected Tallinn Airport to the existing tramway. The establishment of a tram connection to the Tallinn passenger port with the help of Rail Baltica funds is also in progress,” Jaeski described the work to be done.

“RB Ülemiste ‘s common terminal will become the most important transport hub in the capital, and AS Tallinna Linnatransport will also play an important role in connecting it with other locations in the city of Tallinn. The cooperation agreement signed today lays the foundation for public transport to be effectively integrated at the regional and international level in the future,” added Tõnu Grünberg, Chairman of the Management Board of Rail Baltic Estonia OÜ.

In the future, the companies will share experience and potential within the framework of the cooperation agreement, the implementation of which is an important prerequisite for successful cooperation. In addition to sharing the knowledge already mentioned in the preparation and conduct of public procurement, the company that builds and manages Rail Baltica has experience in building environmentally friendly infrastructure, freight logistics planning, building intelligent transport systems, and also has valuable contacts in the construction and engineering sectors.

In addition to the cooperation agreement with TLT, RB Rail AS also has a similar form of cooperation with the Road Administration and the company’s Latvian branch with several non-profit associations there, with which a faster and more modern and environmentally and customer-friendly railway is being developed.