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Temporary rerouting of bus route 4

Pursuant to the request for construction by Viaston Infra OÜ, traffic management will be changed on Taludevahe tänav from the beginning of the working day of 6 August until the end of the working day of 6 September 2020.

Buses in the direction of Tiskre on route 4 will be rerouted to Rannamõisa tee, Keskpäeva tee, Taludevahe tänav and Vahepere tänav, with additional stops on Rannamõisa tee, Vahepere and Tiskre, Taludevahe tänav at a temporary stop, Keskpäeva tee stop and Vahepere tänav, final stop Tiskre.

In the direction of Väike-Õismäe the buses will be rerouted to Vahepere tänav and Rannamõisa tee.