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The largest compressed gas station in the Baltics on Peterburi road received the cornerstone

Today, representatives of Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS (TLT) and Bioforce Infra OÜ laid the cornerstone for a methane-based compressed gas station on Peterburi road for refueling new environmentally friendly buses. In the first stage, Bioforce Infra OÜ, which won the public procurement, will build at the Peterburi Road bus terminal a compressed gas filling station, which will be completed as planned in January.

The Peterburi road filling station will occupy 25,000 square meters, with 120 slow refueling points and two high-speed petrol pumps. It is the most powerful filling station of its kind in the entire Baltic and Finnish regions.

In March, Bioforce will start the construction of the second phase – 200 slow gas filling points and two high-speed petrol pumps will be added to the 35,000-square-meter Kadaka tee compressed gas station. Along with the construction of petrol stations, theTallinna Linnatranspordi ASbus terminals will be renovated on both Peterburi Road and Kadaka Road, with a total area of 170,000 square meters.

“In the future, up to 400 gas buses can be refueled daily at the two new compressed gas filling stations, and if necessary, the capacity of the filling stations can be further increased. The terminals will have a normal, natural gas connection, and the compressed gas is compressed on-site. The technology of the filling station will be fully automatic and does not require an operator on-site,” explained Henry Uljas, Chairman of the Management Board of Bioforce Infra OÜ.

Bioforce Infra OÜ is investing 7.5 million euros in the construction of both filling stations. Together with the fuel, the volume of the procurement contract for gas filling stations is approximately 80 million euros over ten years, i.e., it is the largest gas contract in the public transport sector in Estonia.

Extensive innovation includes the acquisition of new buses as well as the construction of filling stations and the renovation of the bus terminal. “All of today’s diesel buses are planned to be replaced with an environmentally friendly alternative, and in the coming years, 350 new buses using fuels will run on the streets of Tallinn, 100 of which will be on the routes by the end of this year,” said Deniss Boroditš, Member of the Board of Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS. “This is the biggest environmentally friendly innovation in Tallinn’s public transport in recent years. With the introduction of new buses, the ecological footprint of Tallinn’s public transport on the urban environment will be reduced by approximately 25,000 tons per year,” Boroditš added.

According to Deputy Mayor Andrei Novikov, in addition to environmental sustainability, the new buses will also help save costs. “Replacing diesel buses with gas buses will help reduce costs by about 5 million euros a year. Today, gas buses offer the most optimal technology in terms of price-quality ratio. With the renewal of the bus fleet, we will also save on the repair and maintenance costs of old and worn-out infrastructure,” said Novikov.

At the order of TLT, Verston Ehitus, the general contractor of construction at 73 Peterburi Road, will build bus the terminal and filling station sites. According to Erkko Saluste, a member of the company’s management board, Verston is always focused on modern and environmentally friendly solutions, which is why it is very interesting and happy to do this project as a builder. “We do our best to ensure that buses running on gas reach the route on time,” confirmed Saluste.

Shelters, foundations, part of the necessary infrastructure and technology are built by Bioforce OÜ on behalf of Bioforce Infra OÜ, for which Nordecon Betoon OÜ performs general construction work.

Bioforce Infra OÜ, which is mainly based on Estonian capital, has top-level know-how and extensive previous experience in creating similar filling stations, thanks to cooperation with CNG Fuels Ltd., the largest compressed gas filling station company in Great Britain. The shareholders of Bioforce Infra OÜ are Bioforce OÜ, Vintselle OÜ, and CNG Fuels Ltd. The project is financed by AS LHV Pank.