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The tram route operated by AS TLT is in good condition

AS Tallinna Linnatransport, a public limited company, conducted an audit of Tallinn’s tramways in the period October 2022 – May 2023, as a result of which the condition of the rails along the total length (42 km) of the tramways and the sections that deserve more attention were identified.

According to Toomas Hirve, director of TLT technical division, in a situation where tram traffic of Tallinn enters a new stage of development with the construction of the Vanasadama tram connection, it is very important to pay attention to the reliability of the existing tram infrastructure.

The practical measurements of the audit were carried out using a special precision unit KRAB Slight. All the work was carried out at night so as not to interfere with the daily traffic of the trams.

During the audit, attention was paid to the following aspects:

  • The oscillation of the rails in the longitudinal direction, detecting the possible irregularities.
  • The difference in crossing heights between the rails causes the tram to sway.
  • Elevations of the outer rail in the curves ensure a sufficient gradient for the tram to pass through.
  • The alignment of the left and right rails in the centerline view shows the level of rail amortization.
  • The stability of the track gauge, which is 1067 mm on the Tallinn tramways.

Based on the obtained measurement data, a comprehensive analysis was conducted, which identified both the current situation and the necessary maintenance and repair work.

“The general assessment of the condition of the tramways of Tallinn is good, especially on sections that have been thoroughly reconstructed in recent years. In some individual sections, the rails still need to be renewed in the near future, and the schedule for the corresponding works is currently being drawn up,” explained Toomas Hirve.

AS Tallinna Linnatransport operates the tram lines of the capital with 20 CAF, 12 KT-6, 26 KT-4, and 6 Retrotrams. Along with the completion of the Vanasadama tram line, in addition to the existing trams, 23 modern PESA trams with a capacity of up to 300 passengers will arrive in Tallinn. The total length of the tramways of Tallinn is approx. 42 kilometers and the Vanasadama tram line adds approx. 4.5 kilometers to it. Today, there are 135 tram drivers working in AS Tallinna Linnatransport.

The public limited company AS Tallinna Linnatransport has set itself the goal of changing from a mere technical service provider to a service company truly dedicated to passengers.