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Tickets cannot be purchased from drivers in buses, trams and trolleybuses

Drivers in public transport do not sell tickets to passengers, instead tickets can be purchased with the Smartcard or a bank card.

On 1 June, the municipal police of Tallinn started checking the validation of free travel rights of Tallinners and the existence of a ticket of non-resident passengers again. However, the precautionary measures that were taken during the coronavirus crisis will stay in place and the drivers in public transport are relieved of the duty of selling tickets for cash.

For now, the sale of tickets by drivers of public transportation is suspended until 31 August. During the summer months, the impact of suspending the sale of paper tickets on passengers will be measured and later a decision will be made on whether to restore the pre-crisis situation or to continue selling electronic tickets only.

Tickets can be purchased electronically by loading money onto the Smartcard and validating it, or with a bank card in public transport vehicles.