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TLT: In traffic, people should be considerate of each other

Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS has started training bus drivers to cope better in different traffic situations. This year, 750 drivers will undergo training, and for the next year, there are plans to provide additional training to an equal number of public transport drivers. At the same time, the management of TLT recognizes that the efforts made solely by the company to calm the traffic situation in Tallinn are not enough, and they propose solutions for other participants in traffic as well.

According to the Service Director of TLT Hannes Falten, recently captured video footage from bus cameras shows a level of recklessness that was not previously observed to such an extent in traffic. “The restrictions related to the construction of the Vanasadama tram line have made many drivers more restless, and this is evident in traffic.” “The speed limits are not being observed, the 30 km/h zones are disregarded,” describes Falten, the picture of carelessness that has become a daily occurrence on the streets of Tallinn.” Falten describes situations captured by TLT bus cameras where scooter riders and some cyclists have lost their sense of reality, endangering their own lives and the lives of other road users by speeding in the opposite lane against the flow of traffic, making sudden crossings across streets, and speeding through pedestrian crossings against a red light. 

“The situation in Tallinn’s traffic is alarming, and it needs to be addressed more seriously by transportation companies, taxi service providers, scooter rental companies, as well as the city government and the police.” “Together, we can make the streets of the capital city safe again for all participants in traffic,” Falten is confident. “Of course, the traffic situation depends on all of us,” Falten acknowledges. “We need to be considerate of each other because of the situation where car drivers blame poor traffic management while considering adherence to speed limits unnecessary, ignoring traffic lights, and parking wherever they please; while cyclists and scooter riders do not consider any traffic laws applicable to them and believe that they are allowed to do anything, should not satisfy any of us,” reflects Falten.

“More care and consideration for each other, as well as monitoring and necessary measures towards those who deliberately break the rules, will lead us to our goal. “We, on our part, want to be a good partner to other road users,” confirms TLT’s Service Director, inviting everyone on board to collaborate, as the safety of Tallinn’s urban traffic depends on all of us.

The public limited company AS Tallinna Linnatransport has set itself the goal of changing from a mere technical service provider to a service company truly dedicated to passengers. At rush hour, there are 440 TLT buses on the route at the same time. Every year, the company’s buses cover 30 million kilometers serving more than 100 million passengers.