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Traffic on tram lines 1 and 2 disrupted

Due to a large-scale water accident at the intersection of Mere puiestee and Ahtri Street, tram traffic between Kopli and the city center has stopped from the beginning of the working day on 25.05.21 until the liquidation of the emergency works, which are estimated to take several working days.

Tram line 1 has been completely disrupted.

Tram line no. 2 is intended to run between Vana-Lõuna and Suur-Paala and runs according to a free schedule.

The traffic routes of bus line no. 73 have been extended from Maleva Street along Sepa Street to the Kopli tram stop and run according to a free schedule.

A replacement bus line is open between Kopli and Hobujaama.


In the direction of Kopli: Hobujaama Street, Narva Road, Mere Boulevard, Põhja Boulevard, Kopli Street, Telliskivi Street, Ristiku Street, Kopli Street

In the direction of Hobujaama: Kopli Street, Kotzebue Street, Vana-Kalamaja Street, Niine Street, Põhja Puiestee, Suurtüki Street, Rannamäe Road, Suur-Rannavärav, Põhja puiestee, Mere puiestee, Narva maantee


In the direction of Kopli: Hobujaama, Mere puiestee, Linnahall, temporary Põhja puiestee, temporary Balti station, temporary Telliskivi, Pelgulinn, Härjapea, Maisi, Rukki, temporary Eel, temporary Sitsi, Maleva, Sirbi, Marati, Sepa, Kopli.

There are no stops: Kanuti, Salme, Volta and Krulli

In the direction of the horse station: Kopli, Sepa, Marati, Sirbi, Maleva, temporary Sitsi, temporary Eel, temporary Krulli, temporary Volta, temporary Salme, temporary Telliskivi, temporary stop on Vana-Kalamaja street, Põhja puiestee, Linnahall, temporary Kanuti, Mere puiestee, Hobujaama

Don’t stop: Baltic Station