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We are ready for reorganization in the traffic of the city center and Tondi

On 4 March, construction works on the Vanasadama tramway will resume, and on 15 March, the railway crossing reconstruction works in Tondi will begin to be finalised. Due to these disruptions, traffic will be temporarily reorganised around Tondi and the city centre.

According to Kaido Padar, member of the management board at Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS, the company, responsible for providing public transport services for Tallinn residents, is prepared for the traffic reorganisation and has made the necessary preparations to ensure that the quality of public transport will not be affected. “We have reviewed the new traffic management and the schedules impacted by the street closures and found the most optimal solutions to keep operating public transportation lines passing through the areas affected by the works at usual capacity,” said Padar. “We gained valuable experience from last year on how to avoid traffic standstills. Our bus and tram drivers will be able to overcome difficult circumstances.”

On 4 March, construction works will start on the section between Rannavärav and Sadama streets on Mere Avenue and on the intersection between Ahtri and Hobujaama streets. Consequently, traffic will be suspended on Mere Avenue in the direction towards the city centre from Suur-Rannavärav to Ahtri Street and on Ahtri Street in the direction towards Reidi Road and Pirita. Traffic on Rannamäe Road and Põhja Avenue towards Pirita will be diverted towards Põhja-Tallinn on Mere Avenue and towards the city centre on Ahtri Street, which means that these sections of the mentioned streets will accommodate traffic in both directions. Traffic is set to be partially opened on Mere Avenue in July and fully opened in September. On Ahtri Street, traffic is set to continue as usual in June.

Due to the construction works, bus routes for lines No. 2, 3, 8, 20, 20A, 21, 21B, 34, 38, 41, 41B, 66, 73, 91, 92, 93, and 96 will be redirected from the beginning of the workday on 4 March until the end of the workday on 7 June.

Information boards will be installed at bus stops to provide information on the changes. Transfers have been made possible at the nearest stops. You can access schedules, the trip planner, traffic logistics, and stop locations on the TLT homepage at or on the website

The most significant change from the Vanasadama tramway construction works is scheduled for the beginning of May. A turning loop for trams will be constructed in the Skåne Bastion’s stadium area. Starting from 6 May, a temporary tram line, No. 1 Kopli – Linnahall, will serve the Kopli direction. Traffic in the Kopli direction will resume as usual in August. During the construction works on the turning loop, from 20:00 on 3 May until the end of the day on 5 May, tram traffic towards Kopli will be suspended. Tram line No. 1 will be out of service from 20:00 on 3 May until the end of the day on 5 May, while tram lines No. 2 and 5 will be out of service until 20:00 on 18 August.

Tondi railway crossing reconstruction works will resume on 15 March. The first lane on Kotka Street will be asphalted, while the other lane will undergo milling. Utility networks at the end of the Tondi Street tramway section and the tramway itself will undergo reconstruction. The section of Tondi Street from the Alevi Street intersection to the Tondi crossing will be closed to traffic for the duration of the works.

The Tondi tram end station will be out of service from 15 March to 1 August. From 15 March to 1 August, tram lines No. 3 and 4 will have shortened routes, ending at the Vana-Lõuna tram turning loop. Lines No. 1, 2 and 5 will continue to operate on their usual routes until 20:00 on 3 May. Construction works on the Tondi viaduct will continue until the end of 2024.

On 4 March, excavation works will start on Masina Street. A new water pipe will be installed and the sewers will be replaced. The street will remain closed until 15 May. Until then, line No. 54 will be rerouted.

The year 2024 will see more disruptions in Tallinn’s traffic than the last, but both the Vanasadama tramway and Tondi viaduct construction projects will ensure smoother traffic flow in the coming years, providing better public transport connections for all city residents. Traffic users will need to endure the temporary difficult conditions this summer to enjoy improved traffic in the future.