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Core values

Quality Management System Manual
Management principles

The TLT team is guided by the following core values:

  1. Commitment – to perform our work as well as possible and to do our best to provide passengers with modern, convenient and safe public transport solutions;
  2. Teamwork – to form a unified team consisting of experts in their field who are responsible for the development opportunities of employees and the company, the safety of the working environment and the well-being of employees;
  3. Customer-orientation – to keep the promises that we made to the Tallinn Transport Department (TTA) and our passengers and reach the destinations of our routes on time, comfortably and safely. To respond to the reasonable demands and recommendations of TTA and the passengers, in order to improve the quality and the availability of public transport services;
  4. Quality – to ensure the best public transport service that meets the requirements with the options available to TLT. To achieve this, we train employees, upgrade our public transport vehicle fleet, and introduce smart solutions to ensure a convenient, fast and smooth transport service. We consistently improve our work organisation, comply with the applicable requirements, and effectively cooperate with our key partners;
  5. Innovation and flexibility – to use innovative approaches, tools and methods in out work;
  6. Environmental friendliness– taking into account in our activities the impact on the environment, both in terms of provision of transport services and the activities of the company.