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First methane-powered buses are being tested

The first two methane-powered buses have arrived in Tallinn, which, after the completion of the test period, will begin serving passengers. During this month, TLT will receive around a dozen more gas buses which be the first part of the 100 buses to be procured.

Otto Popel, a member of the management board of TLT, said that the entry of the new methane-powered buses into service marks the biggest environmentally friendly upgrade to public transport in Tallinn in recent years. “The first two methane-powered buses – an articulated bus and a normal bus – will first be conducting test drives in the capital city so that we can assess their compliance with our order as well as their technical readiness for daily route service,” Popel explained, adding that if the new vehicles meet all requirements and procurement contract criteria, they will remain in Tallinn upon the conclusion of the test period. “In the next few years, only the newest Euro 6 emission standard-compliant diesel buses will remain in use alongside the new buses,” stated the board member, emphasising that the greatest benefit of the gas buses is their environmental sustainability, and by updating the bus fleet they will also be able to save on repair and maintenance costs.

The procurement volume of Tallinn’s gas buses is 26.96 million euros. The buses will be produced by the Polish company Solaris Bus & Coach that submitted the winning bid to the public procurement.