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Bases for organisation of studies

General provisions

  • The training courses for adults provided by Aktsiaselts Tallinna Linnatransport (hereinafter the training provider) are organised on the basis of legislation on adult education, as well as other relevant legislation.
  • A participant in a further education course is an individual studying at the training centre on the basis of a further education curriculum (hereinafter student).
  • The dates and times of lessons are fixed in the corresponding training calendar and timetable.
  • Theory lessons are conducted on the premises of the training provider. If necessary, trainings take place in the web environment. Driving lessons are conducted according to the curriculum on designated training grounds and on urban and rural roads in Tallinn and Harju County.
  • Theory lessons are usually conducted in groups of up to 25 people. Driving lessons are conducted individually for each student.
  • Training course volumes are calculated in academic hours (one academic hour equals 45 minutes).
  • The organization of the training (registrations, curricula, learning outcomes) can be found in more detail on the website
  • The main field of study offered by Aktsiaselts Tallinna Linnatransport (under the ISCED 97 classification) is field No. 84 ‘Transport services’, curriculum group: 840 ‘Transport services’.

Registration for training

  • The preconditions for joining a training course are given in the relevant registration form.
  • To register for a training course, you may:
    • fill out the corresponding form on our website;
    • send an e-mail to 
    • or call us at 511 1909.
  • After registration you will receive an e-mail confirming your acceptance to the training course.


  • Individuals may pay for training courses by transferring the applicable sum to the bank account indicated on our website no later than 10 days from the start of the course.
  • Companies, institutions, and organisations must submit a letter of guarantee for the individuals to be trained, on the basis of which the training provider will prepare an invoice.
  • The invoice will be delivered by e-mail or post.
  • We generally charge a combined fee for training courses, which may be paid in stages. On request, however, it is also possible to pay separately for the different parts of the curriculum (theory, driving).

Organisation and completion of training

  • At the beginning of a training course, students must fill out the corresponding registration form.
  • On each training day, attendance is recorded in the corresponding signature sheet signed by the student.
  • Upon completion of training, the training provider will issue a certificate or notice of participation or completion to the student.
  • A certificate is a document certifying the completion of the training, and is issued to the student if the achievement of the expected learning outcomes was assessed in the course of the training and if the student achieved all of the learning outcomes required for the completion of the curriculum (
  • A notice of participation in or completion of further education is issued to the student if the achievement of learning outcomes was not assessed in the course of the training or if the student did not achieve all of the learning outcomes required for completion of the curriculum.
  • The certificates and notices are issued on paper at the end of the training course.

Students’ rights and obligations

  • Students have the right to:  
  • receive information about the organisation of studies at and the training plan of the training centre, and to receive additional information about the training course prior to commencing studies;
  • register the fees paid for training courses as training expenses in the income tax return form as provided for by the Income Tax Act.
  • Students are obliged to:  
  • comply with the internal rules established by the training provider;
  • act in accordance with established rules and the instructions of the staff of the training centre in the event of an emergency (fire, water accident, bomb threat, etc.);
  • handle any learning tools and property of the training centre entrusted to them with care;
  • behave in accordance with generally accepted moral standards. 

Cancellation of participation

  • If you have registered for a training course, but are unable to participate, please notify the training provider at least 7 calendar days before the start of the course by sending an e-mail to or calling us at 511 1909.
  • Upon timely notification, the student will be refunded 100% of the training fee, or the course can be rescheduled.
  • Students who have registered for the course but fail to attend and to give notice of their non-attendance at least 7 calendar days in advance will not be given a refund.
  • Students who abandon their studies will not be given a refund.

Cancellation or postponement of training

  • If the required number of participants is not reached, the training provider has the right to cancel the training course or postpone it until the group is full.
  • Registered students will be notified of cancellation or postponement by e-email 5 business days before the planned date of commencement of the training course.
  • In the event of cancellation, the paid fee will be refunded in full or, at the student’s request, transferred to another course.
  • In the event of postponement, the fee will not be refunded, but, by mutual agreement, the student will be registered for the next group.

Quality assurance

The curricula of public Aktsiaselts Tallinna Linnatransport are in accordance with the Adult Education Act. The curriculum is prepared based on the needs of the target groups, and the training must help the target group to achieve the learning outcomes presented in the curriculum.

Upon passing the curriculum, the achieved learning outcomes are checked in the final examinations (theory, driving) organized by the Instructor and then in the state examination at the Transport Board.

The theory and driving teachers of the public limited company Tallinna Linnatransport training center must have the corresponding qualification, and they must have the relevant teaching experience in the field related to the training of motor vehicle drivers.

The classroom is equipped with modern furnishings and presentation technology: computers, a multimedia projector, and a touch screen/board.

All Learners have the opportunity, but not the obligation, to provide feedback both orally to the Instructor and in writing in accordance with the instructions given.

The feedback will be reviewed by the Instructor, and based on the summary, improvements will be made where possible and feasible.

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